An exclusive and comprehensive coaching course that provides a perfect balance in your music career/ministry and the music industry. It aims to build and empower musical personnel to be professionals in their fields.


Who The Academy? is for


  • Song writing intricacies
  • Artiste Development & Life cycle
  • Personal Branding & Networking

Record Label Owners/Investors

  • Discovering Talent
  • Royalty Structures
  • Publishing & Marketing


  • Music Production Masterclass

Artiste Managers

  • Artiste Management as a ministry
  • Artiste Management as a business
  • Protocol
  • Strategizing an Artiste's career

General Modules

  • Understanding The Music Industry
  • Music Production Master Class
  • Music as a Ministry
  • Promotion/Marketing
  • Revenue Streams in the Industry
  • Personal Branding
  • Life cycle of an Artist
  • Balance of Ministry and Industry
  • Critical stages of the Music Industry
  • The Kingdom Aproach of the Music Business

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