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We understand the frustration of wanting to get help and not having anyone to talk to. We understand how alone and extremely tiring the journey of any Musician can be. We know this because we have been here on some occasions. We want to assist you in your journey; hence, we created this service specially for you.

Depending on the area of concern, our consultation service offers the following:

Clarity on what your musical prototype is
Digital integrations needed for your upgrade
Guaranteed peace after the session
Balancing Ministry & Industry
Step by step road map for building your musical career
Practical & life transformation insight
Spirituality & Technicality

Consulting Packages

Owing to the prevailing issues in the music industry, understanding how the industry works will help a starting artiste know what to do and when to do what is required to have a successful music career.

A one-on-one consulting session at EeZee Conceptz will broaden your horizon in the music sphere. It will answer brewing questions nursed painfully in your heart for a very long time.
Our 8 consulting packages are structured in such a way that you have a directional focus as to what matters you should be dealing with at every stage of your music career.

Package 1

Management Branding

  • Periodic and strategic growth and advancement of an artistes’ career
  • Imaging (your representation)
  • Understanding sound uniqueness and seasons
  • What songs to produce(sound and uniqueness) and when to release the songs (seasons)

Package 2

Music Production

  • Identification of your sound
  • Sound representation and delivery

Package 3

Content Aggregation and Administration

  • Streaming and monetization of content
  • Aggregation of content
  • The right plug in, promotion and pitching

Package 4

Legal Processes of Protecting a Brand name

  • Copyright
  • Trademark
  • Need for a legal advisor (what you should look out for when choosing a legal representation of your brand and content)

Package 5

Promotion and Advertising

  • What song to promote (song zoning)
  • Current demands/trends

Package 6

Merchandising and Marketing

  • Brand sustainability in the long run through merchandising
  • Who are marketers (responsibilities based on agreement)

Package 7

Evolving Relevance of an Artistes’ Brand

  • Use of ansoff’s matrix(market penetration, market product development, market development and diversification) to analysis the life cycle of an artiste

Package 8

Partnership and Collaborations

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