Minister GUC – The Message (Album)

EeZee Conceptz Global proudly presents the debut album by Minister GUC titled The Message, available now on Digital Stores. Following his signing to the EeZee Conceptz family in 2019, and the release of his highly popular live ministrations All That Matters, Knowing You and singles Desperate, Iké Nilé; Minister GUC continued to prove a force to reckon with as an impactful worship leader.

The Album “The Message” is a rare collection of deep songs of Worship, most of which were performed and recorded Live. The piercing sounds in the songs will help strengthen the focus of many to the cross, and give deep insights into God’s overwhelming love and promises to His children.

We may be uncertain about the day of His coming,  but we are not ignorant of His love and the hope for a better tomorrow that He has promised.

“As we kick-start the process for the release of this template of sounds that have been in the workroom for months now, we pray that you get your heart ready for what is to come by the help of God almighty.

– Minister GUC

The 12-track album, “The Message” was performed and recorded at EeZee Conceptz Global studios, Azusa Studios and Kairos Hub; produced by Israel Dammy, Mr Edward Sunday, Prinx Emmanuel and with the visionary label boss EeZee Tee overseeing the project.

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  • Nneji Amarachi Joy says:

    Father in heaven I thank you for your son @ guc in whose evangelistic musicals has turn many to God, please help him to make heaven at last in Jesus mighty name. Amen.

  • Joy says:

    Its morning time here in jamaica,minister GUC, and i take my chance of the previlege to write to you a comment,its my blessings i suppose,and i give the lord thanks, in my country you are played a lot on Radio,because among others you are love by jamaican,and i truly hope one day you will minister in my country, i look forward to tht since we allso are related to africa,’ where i am on holidays decided to check proformance live on the song, my lord and saviour mi caan dun play it, a song so full of the holy ghost walking all over the minister and its audience we here are feeling the impactof the holy ghost through the song what a mighty god is the lord,.. minister i see jesus in the audience on the people powderfully, my god such a song i believe coming no where else but from the throne of god,angles fill the place of worship, brother,sir mi soo bless by the song mi caan stop play it, man of god stay strong in the power of his might,while he continue to move in the world, and in me,for i need him more in my soul which says yes, please pray for me and my family, i’m in warfare now with widzard of obeah,night and day, but in my struggle there is a song tht points me to the cross of my saviour,and in this my faith will praise the lord, pray my strenght,and please come to jamaica, Thanks..

  • Esther Ginika says:


  • Allan Okoth says:

    Minister GUC music massively contributed to my healing process, through him I came to learn and understand more about other Eezee Conceptz Ministers such as Judikay (her song CAPABLE GOD gave me a breakthrough a time when I was really waiting and trusting on God).Good work to all ministers blessing and healing our young souls through amazing songs.Young people go through a lot globally but Eezee Conceptz has shown us that there is a God who cares and the same God is more than able to use young and gifted ministers to bless young people around the world while spreading the GOOD NEWS…..Thanks


    My name is Doricah Hau Nkhata from Malawi aged 22 and l am a born again Christian..l have received my new Christ on 30th of July this year 2021..l am a student at The Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources Persuing a bachelor’s degree in Gender and Development. I am going in 3rd year ….meaning to say that am remaining with an extra year to finish my tertiary education at this school (LUANAR)…yes l could be saying today that l am going in 4th year but l thank God for the delays on the way in fact l like it most this way…it is God’s plan and will…l am also an upcoming gospel artist and l have just released a song titled ONE DAY and l featured my friend William he is blessed with a good voice too. One day is all about the hope and faith we hold based on the promise Jesus made to us according to John 14:3 ..I can feel God’s power in this song ….to those who are listening to this song ONE DAY with faith am sure they are getting the message and being blessed with the song…. no wonder it is only a few and only those who really can’t manage to download this song am giving them this song for free…others who l know they are just lazy and keep asking me for the song just to test me though they would download l have shared them too. In loving my country Malawi the moment l got my first link ….l shared them the link by sending WhatsApp numbers in my phone ….others praised me …others were bored ….others they showed a feeling of jealousy others never even attended to the link…well l praise God for that..the link is still experiencing slow downloads but l know people will begin searching to download it….it’s not like am being mean ….no…. but God only wants the right ones for this song..people may want to infringe it on popular playlists but this song is anointed it will keep on spreading till people finally understand and get the message in the way it has happened with me listening to minister songs. It is this song that it has revealed so much about my life….. Well am writing this on the bed at the hospital…… am trying to avoid the word sick bed because l don’t belong here l am all perfect …l just feel like they are wasting my time ( my friend has a wedding this Saturday the 7th of august…l am one of the bride’s maids and l know am needed for rehearsals which are beginning this Wednesday 4th of August…l am not worried with my weight am ready to fix my dress again and I know l will look beautiful on this big day just to shame my enemies..God of wonders has already started transforming me and my faith tells me tomorrow am leaving this hospital since the hospital is surprised with the results …my Jesus has fought for me😌😌) and of course there time (taking all the blood samples which they indeed suffered to collect them🤭🤭) because this bed doesn’t belong to me …in fact they have admitted a wrong person🤭🤭 my faith has been uplifted it’s all thanks to God who has connected me to minister guc songs no wonder am still awake at this hour and lucky enough l have this opportunity to ask for a favour in Nigeria to record my new song at Eeze Conceptz please minister hear my humble plea l am tired with the studios in Malawi in fact sign me up into your record label be my manager l have been looking for a manager in Malawi they can’t manage me l am super powerful and so anointed they can’t handle me…but l feel it that you are my manager and my story about music will change through you…manage me so that Malawi is saved…My Moto goes like this CHRIST FOR ALL😌😌😌..oh the name Hau l have just accepted it yesterday it is my step father’s last name…l never new he loved me this much he wanted me to change to Hau in 2019 when l turned 20 but l turned down the great opportunity..anyway God has his own way of directing events and l am happy to have this new name…Nkhata belongs to my late father’s name l want to keep it to honour him always…l am a seed of love l don’t hold grudges l love my family and alot… although the torture l still love my family….thank you for reading my story

    ….Am looking forward to hear from you with faith ☺️☺️☺️💌💌💌

  • Bassey Sylvester edet says:

    I love all your songs

  • I just heard this young man, and I must say God is really with him. I am a lover of worship. This young man has the spirit of worship, God has given him this gift. Worship on, never stop worshiping the Holy One of Israel .

  • Thandi Matakule says:

    I thank God for using u to touch the life of people out there,all your songs are a blessing to me and my family..I never stop listening and giving worship to the Lord through your worship God be the glory.. May God continue uplifting u and your family as blessed..Amen

  • Joel says:

    I love ur songs sir…
    Itz…….. Moves me …..💪

  • Freeman Mustapha says:

    In love with guc

  • Jonathan Nyirenda says:

    What shall i say apart from saying thanks to your good work which you have done nd about to do minister GUC may God reward you with more grace blessings for you have changed many souls out there including me on the list thanks 🙏🙏🙏

  • Williams Christopher Kulani says:

    May God increase you
    More grace to your ministry

  • Castrol Siakaango says:

    Castrol Siakaango is my name and Zambian by nationality,may I take this great opportunity to thank the almighty God for giving us this rare privilege to experience the greatness of today in life.Once more thank you Minister GUC for the life that you have given onto the Lord and for accepting his role of ordination to minister and take his word to the world, indeed you are a blessing to our generation, may the good Lord Jesus Christ bless you in all your endeavors as you progress. I submit

  • Joel Ikechukwu says:

    This is a Very very powerful song

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